Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I print more than one logo on the same product?
You can print whatever you want, in fact, the more colors, the more logos and the more spectacular the design, the more we like to do it, so we encourage you to be creative with your designs, you will see that the result is spectacular!!!
How do I know when I will receive the order?
When you validate the form with your design, we will confirm the day you will receive it, but also, from our logistics department, we will send you a message the day before receiving it with the shipping tracking number so that you are informed at all times.
When do delivery lead times start counting?
Depending on the production period you have contracted, you must count the days from when you validate the technical sheet with the sample that we will send you by email. In any case, we always send an email informing you of the day you will receive it.
How long does it take you to make the sample prior to printing so that I can validate it?
From the moment you place the order in less than 48 hours you will receive by email a technical sheet of the product with a real photo of the sample made so that you can see how it will look… But we are quite fast and it is almost always sent in less than 24 hours
If I want to print in a specific PANTONE color, can it be done?
Digital printing prints in four-color process (CMYK), which are the 4 inks with which all colors are achieved. We have the machinery specially calibrated with the PANTONE code so that the color reproduction is especially faithful.
Can I print a custom order with a different name on each unit?
Totally, you just have to send us the Database or list with the names, numbers, or whatever you want to put. We have systems so that each item is personalized for each person.
If I don’t have the logo vectorized, can you do it?
We can help you with this too. When you place your order, if the logo is not correct, our sales department will advise you and if necessary, our super design team can help you with the image or logos you want to print.
In what format should I send you the logos or final artwork?
You must send us the files in vector format (.AI, .EPS, .SVG, .PDF) so that the printing is perfect.
Are delivery times always met?
Completely, if there is one thing we have, it is that we are compliant, you will always receive your order on the agreed date, we guarantee it.
Can I see what it will look like before production?
Yes always. When you place an order, we will prepare a physical sample of what you order and we will send you some photos so you can see how it looks and give us the OK. We don’t produce anything until you see how it looks and give us your approval.
Does it cost the same to print in 1 color as in full color?
It’s completely the same. We start with white fabric, so it costs us the same to print a small logo in gray as it does to completely print the fabric with a very colorful photo!
Can I pick up the order myself at the factory?
Of course, you can pick up your order at our facilities, this way you save on shipping, and in the process you can see our showroom with all the items we manufacture.
If I need my order very urgently, can it be done?
YES, of course, we have 4 production deadlines depending on the urgency you have, ranging from 2 to 10 production days. IF you need it for YESTERDAY, ask us because we are used to working miracles.
How much is the shipping?
The cost of shipping to the Peninsula is €8.75 if you need special transport, or urgently before one hour in the morning, it costs a little more, if you need it we will inform you beforehand.
What is the tamper-proof closure on bracelets?
It is a single-use closure, once the bracelet is on, you will have to cut it to take it off. It is the one used to access parties, concerts, or events and that cannot be removed to give it to another person.
What does HD photo quality mean?
Sublimation printing is digital, so you can print anything, photographs, gradients, spot colors… and all with high quality print quality.
Where is this product manufactured?
Our factory is in Spain, in the City of BARCELONA, and we manufacture all our products in our facilities.
Is there a minimum quantity to place an order?
The minimum quantities are very low, about 25 units, and in some products there are none. However, if you only need 1 or 2 units, contact us, we can also do it for you.
Can I wash the printed garment without the print coming off?
Sublimation printing is the most durable, and does not wash away, since it is not a film adhered to the fabric, but rather the ink penetrates the fibers and remains permanently and lastingly on them.
What is sublimation?
The definition of sublimation is going from a solid to a gaseous state without ever passing through a liquid state. In the case of sublimating textiles, we are talking about capturing a drawing on the chosen article so that, when heat is applied, the paint goes into a gaseous state and penetrates the fibers to become permanently fixed.